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The Mission of the Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe (JQYA)

The JQYA is an independent Academy within the Goethe University which fosters young researchers at the beginning of their independent career. JQYA offers different programs to support young scientists as Members or as Fellows. This call is dedicated to the Fellow program.


JQYA stands in spirit of traditional academies as a learned society uniting scientists from every conceivable discipline: With each scientific discovery we generate knowledge and deepen our understanding for highly specialized questions. The challenge thereby is to place this knowledge back into a broader context as science is ought to serve the society. Consequently, the mission of JQYA is to:

• strengthen the independent research and to share knowledge across disciplines

• be a frame for translating the gained expertise into a global context

• formulate science-based solutions for future development of society

• debate about and generate new ideas and concepts for defined topics

• create novel research questions and disciplines

• form a strong voice to impact university and global development


The Benefit of a Fellow Status in JQYA

Young researchers can join the academy as Fellows. We financially support Fellows in the Academy Program as well as in Fellowship Program lines. Being a Fellow of JQYA means working at the very heart of science and scholarliness applying your passion to matters concerning science and society, politics and economics, leadership and career development. Transfer of the scientific knowledge into the global context is an important learning process for young scientists for establishing their independence.

JQYA gives creative and motivated young scientists a unique opportunity to:

• obtain freedom in developing new ideas concerning their research topic

• better comprehend the research approaches of other disciplines

• meet outstanding leaders of the international science community

• increase the awareness for their own research in a larger context and to better understand their own research questions

• integrate their own research into solving global challenges

• contribute to international policy statements and working groups.

Fellows shape the inner core of the academy, drive cross-disciplinary discussions with respect to socially and politically relevant topics within the Academy Program, actively contribute to the organization’s goals and activities. Fellows define the academic work by annually formulation of the Academy Theme which aims at inter-connecting and strengthening the cross-disciplinary work on the national and international level.

Participation in the Academy Program as a Fellow is for a limited term of 3 years, after which Fellows become JQYA Alumni.


The Academy Program of JQYA

The Academy Program offers a frame for a close intellectual exchange and initiates dialogues with leading personalities from science, industry, society and politics. It helps to foresight, recognize and approach upcoming societal problems to present sciencebased solutions. The framework of our Academy program includes:

Annual internal workshop to define the Theme of JQYA

• Monthly round-table discussions or think-tanks on the defined Academy Theme

• Annual two-days impulse-giving event with leading personalities from science, industry, society and politics to:

o award new Fellowships and Memberships

o present research results of the JQYA

o discuss with the invited experts and the Distinguished Senior Scientists

• Annual event with the executive committee of the Goethe University to shape the (scientific) strategy of the Goethe University.

All participants of the Academy Program are strongly supported in Scientific Development for continuing professional qualification at Goethe University or other institutions. The JQYA provides funds to all Fellows to ensure a strong interaction, a fruitful collaboration on the Academy Theme and to ensure individualized career development.


The Academy Theme in 2018/2019 - “Nature and Normativity”.

The Academy defines annually a research Academy Theme. For 2018/2019, the Academy will focus on the topic “Nature and Normativity”.

In the history of the sciences and humanities we can identify a mutual interference and understanding of the concept of nature and the norms for human acting. Under the conditions of modern sciences, JQAY want to pose questions like:

• What is our understanding of "nature" or of the "natural" in the sciences and in the humanities?

• What do we mean when we define a regularity in nature as “Natural Law”?

• How is the understanding of "nature" or of "natural" constitutive for our reading of "normativity"?

• What are the relations among the supposition of "nature" and the concept of "normativity" in the different fields of our disciplines?

These and similar questions define the focus of the interdisciplinary discourse with which we would like to open the scientific program and research studies of our Young Academy. All "younger scientists" who are interested in these before mentioned questions and who like to join our interdisciplinary debates are invited to apply.


The Fellowship Program outline

The Academy Program goes in line with the Fellowship Program that allows careertailored support for individual continued qualification. We financially support Fellows in three lines:

• Academy Fellowship: supports manifestation of international collaborations and research of the Fellow. The Fellow is awarded with 10.000,- €.

• Sabbatical Fellowship: allows the Fellow to go on leave from the teaching duties for one semester. The Fellow is awarded with 25.000,- € that serves as pay-in into the department to cover costs for teaching replacement.

• Fellowship: integrates young scientists into the Academy Program and the Scientific Development Program of JQYA without personalized budget.


Application for the Academy Program

Criteria: Advanced postdocs, independent group leaders, Junior Professors at W1 or W1 tenure track level at the Goethe University, as well as at RMU partner universities or international universities in cooperation with Goethe University are welcome to participate in our Academy Program and to apply for Fellowship status.



(1) Each candidate can apply for an Academy Fellowship or a Sabbatical Fellowship. Applications for Fellowship Status independent of an Academy or Sabbatical Fellowship are possible as well.

(2) The candidates have to send their digital applications in a single PDF-file to The applications should address the directors of the Johanna Quandt Young Academy and contain following records:

• Letter of motivation indicating why the work in JQYA would strengthen their career; if applicable, including an explanation why an Academy Fellowship or a Sabbatical Fellowship would boost the career of the candidate

• CV with list of publications and conference participations

• One national and one international reference.

Four Distinguished Senior Scientists select up to ten candidates upon applications based on:

• excellence of candidate’s research impact

• commitment to service

• strong personal motivation.

(3) The Award will be delivered in the middle of 2018 in an official ceremony.


Call: We announce once a year our Academy Program and call for applications. Nominations are accepted until 31.03.2018.



The internal Director’s Board represented by Prof. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann (FB 08) and Prof. Enrico Schleiff (FB 15). The Director’s Board work at the interface of the Academy and serves as a link between the Academy and its External Board, as well as the executive committee and research council of the Goethe University.

Director: Prof. Dr. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann

Director: Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff

Coordinator: Dr. Elena Wiederhold

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Phone: 069-798 47692